Monday, August 1, 2011

GOP Fundraising Page Inadvertently Concedes 2012 Presidential Election

You want to know why the GOP is behaving so desperately these days? I think it's because they are, in fact, feeling desperate.

Exhibit A: The fundraising page of the GOP's official website has a graphic celebrating "President Obama's Last Day," which they apparently think will be January 20, 2017:

GOP: We'll get Obama out of office by the end of his second term, or else!
Either this is an accidentally revealed indicator of the GOP's lack of confidence in their chances of winning the presidency next year, or else it's a very clever fake-out designed to make Democrats overconfident and cause them to slack off on their own fundraising and volunteer recruitment efforts.

But since we are talking about the party that denies the disastrous effects of global climate change and has attempted to legally bar the U.S. government from purchasing power-saving fluorescent light bulbs, I feel safe in ruling out any explanation that relies on GOP cleverness.

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PdxSolo said...

Brilliant! Getting Obama out by 2017 is a plan that even Boehner can't botch! It's genius!

Elise said...

Okay, that is awesome! Can't stop laughing at how stupid they are...

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