Blue Wave News is a community of Democrats working to further liberal causes, expose untruths, and draw attention to important local, national, and global issues. In true Democratic fashion, our blog is a big tent, welcoming individuals with diverse backgrounds, cultures, expertise, and opinions. We’re happy to engage with citizen journalists, liberal activists, critical thinkers, and other like-minded pragmatists to educate ourselves, discuss issues, and find ways to be more active in our communities. At Blue Wave News, we support the Democratic Party and value smart discourse, honesty, inspiration, and knowledge. As avowed liberals, we believe an approach that incorporates real-world factors offers the best opportunity to realize our goals.

We publish news and opinion articles on current events and politics from a rational, liberal viewpoint. Comments on articles posted on this blog can be sent to the individual author at "authorname"@bluewavenews.com or to editor@bluewavenews.com. Comments, questions, or issues of a technical nature should sent to administrator@bluewavenews.com.

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